• Business Litigation

    Charles H. Torres P.C.’s business litigation practice spans everything from business disputes, civil and criminal securities litigation, claims of contract breach and other contract disputes, construction matters, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, toxic mold and asbestos litigation.

  • Personal Injury

    We have successfully represented plaintiffs throughout Colorado in a broad range of personal injury matters, including: Slip and fall, Automobile accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Truck accidents. The firm has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to obtain excellent results for clients through jury trials and appeals, and through mediation and negotiation.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice can be a failure to properly treat an illness or medical condition, a failure to properly and timely diagnose an illness or medical condition, a failure to properly prescribe medication, a failure to properly and thoroughly advise you as to the risks of a medical treatment or medical procedure, a failure to properly treat a medical condition, or some combination of these things.

  • Criminal Defense

    Once the wheels of justice start to turn in a criminal case, they can be hard to stop. The police and prosecutors are not there to protect your rights. They are there to convict you. The only person you can trust to protect your interests is your lawyer. Mr. Torres has successfully defended persons accused of murder with no client being successfully charged or convicted of murder.

  • White Collar Criminal Defense

    Mr. Torres has over twenty-nine years of trial experience in both the civil and criminal areas of the law. From complex cases lasting weeks in trial to smaller cases, Mr. Torres and his firm always provide aggressive representation to every case, regardless of their size.


Mr. Torres aggressively represented me in a complicated dispute involving millions of dollars. His efforts resulted in my recovery of the monies owed to me. His fees were reasonable and he was always available to me


- Yan Goods