Toxic Tort Litigation

Lead, Mold, Asbestos can damage your health. Litigation in these areas is complex and requires early and quick response. Federal and state authorities heavily regulate these areas.

Having a law firm that has litigated on both sides is important to make sure your rights are protected. This firm represents homeowners, building owners, developers in all of the above areas.

Mold and Lead

Lead is coming under increased scrutiny by Government agencies with agents looking for contractors who are not removing and disposing of lead properly. Fines can be large and can disrupt your business. Know the rules and protect your business.

Mold must be addressed promptly whether you believe you were exposed or you are accused of allowing mold to be present on your property. Both sides benefit knowing the dangers and your responsibilities.

This firm has experience litigating these claims.

Torres’s extensive litigation experience in both Federal and State court assures you that your rights will be fully protected.