Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

As health care costs continue to rise, government agencies are taking greater efforts to root out fraud in Medicaid and Medicare billing. Innocent medical professionals can fall victim to overzealous law enforcement agents and prosecutors. Medicaid or Medicare fraud allegations can cause lasting damage to a medical professional’s career. If you face these allegations, you must work with a lawyer who will present a compelling, powerful defense.

Mr. Torres has a number of years of experience prosecuting and now defending clients charged or being investigated for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

With HIPPA requirements and changes in Stark law and Health Care legislation beginning to be implemented, the landscape for new investigations are very real concerns. Federal law enforcement is stepping up its enforcement in all of these areas. A proactive approach and an educational approach to these new changes can eliminate expensive litigation.

If litigation is imminent, then the Torres law firm is ready to use its years of experience to protect your interests. The Torres firm has been involved in cases stretching out several weeks and involving thousands of documents. Experience handling complex cases is important when facing serious litigation.